Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ – Henry Ford

Team1At Zero Waste Solutions (ZWS) we value people, relationships, and teamwork. We believe our company can only thrive if our employees work together, complement one another’s strengths, and resolve conflicts effectively. By fostering teamwork through training, good leadership, and team-building events, our employees are motivated to come to work, they are more pro-active, they have a sense of ownership, and are prepared to go beyond the call of duty when necessary.

Consider an emergency situation in which the sprinklers in a large canteen – which hundreds of people visit every day – start to leak. This will directly impact the canteen’s ability to function for the day. The people who rely on canteen services for their meals will be left stranded. It could also cause significant property damage.

This situation could only be prevented by a team of professionals who embody unity and collaboration – a team like ZWS.

The Incident

The sprinkler leak incident took place at one of our sites in Ohio. The leak could have flooded the canteen forcing it to shut down for the day. However, our employees who were present at the time demonstrated great teamwork, quick-thinking, and initiative. Our employees notified the Facility Manager who contacted the maintenance department to shut off water. In the meantime, the area was evacuated and our employees quickly cleaned up and made the canteen ready for use. The quick-thinking and ability to work together that was demonstrated by those employees is an example of how teamwork has become second nature to 3

ZWS employees were recognized for their selflessness and bravery by the customer. We talked about the incident with one of the employees who was involved, Mr. Jeff Crigger. During the conversation it was clear that working together as a team was a natural reaction for Mr. Crigger and his co-workers.

Unity and Teamwork

Instead of taking credit for the sprinkler-leak stoppage, Mr. Crigger has worked at the site for 25 years, said: “I can always depend on my co-workers. They are committed and dedicated and they all have a good attitude about their job. So don’t just concentrate on me. ”   

ZWS encourages employee interaction because we know friendship and comradery facilitate teamwork. Just like Mr. Crigger has a sense of unity and fellowship with his co-workers, we believe that when all of our employees come together to share common interests and responsibilities they too develop a sense of unity.

Team 2Responsiveness and Teamwork

The incident also required readiness, responsiveness, and ownership. The fact that every employee was quick to adapt to the situation and take charge while relying on each other shows effortless teamwork. Mr. Crigger said: “We have always been taught how to respond to potential disaster in our disaster training, so it was a natural response for me and our team to do what was necessary to prevent further damage. But we have always been preached teamwork.” He added.

ZWS believes that teamwork fosters responsiveness and the ability to respond to change. In this incident, we can clearly see how our employees are pro-active because they are confident that they can rely on one another in every work 4

Motivation and Teamwork

Only if employees find their workplace friendly and supportive, will they be motived to come to work. Spirit of camaraderie and motivation go hand-in-hand. Mr. Crigger described his experience with ZWS, as “rewarding.” He said: “My favorite part about working at Zero Waste is the good work environment. I love working here because we have great employees and we have great leadership and it makes me feel good to want to come to work.”

ZWS creates and sustains an environment that is friendly and supportive. When employees form a unified team they co-operate, resolve conflicts successfully, and in emergency situations like the sprinkler leak, instinctively work together to achieve great success.


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